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Mayor Neffinger's State of the City Address


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Mayor Neffinger Cuts

Property Taxes

West Springfield, MA—In 2011 when candidate Greg Neffinger ran for Mayor, he promised to cut property taxes for West Springfield residents. Critics insisted that it couldn't be done. Furthermore, they said Neffinger would have to curtail city services.

Neffinger proved them all wrong. Today due to Neffinger's determination and leadership resident across our community are able to keep more of their hard-earned dollars due to property taxes being cut.

"I'm so happy to be able to provide this tax burden relief to West Side. I know that the pundits doubted it could be accomplished, but after carefully reviewing the budget to find savings I was able to keep the promise," Neffinger said. "Just as important as reducing the taxes, we maintained our services."


Mayor Opens New Park

Along Connecticut River

Thanks to the efforts of Mayor Neffinger West Side residents will have a new park. Last year, Mayor Greg Neffingetarr sted the process of partnering with the WSYSC to create a new riverfront park. Together our community has developed soccer fields to be managed by the WSYSC and to be used in conjunction with the West Springfield Park and Recreation Department.


Neffinger Continues

Accountability Pledge

Mayor Greg Neffinger, West Springfield Mayor, continues his constituent accountability plan.

"A thriving city depends on an active citizenry. I have put people ahead of politics by providing high quality city services to all residents and by being accountable," said Neffinger. I'm not going to hide behind a closed door."


The Neffinger Family